Rekey Locks

Experienced locksmiths rekey locks in Etobicoke, Ontario, and do so in a timely fashion – always with the right tools. If you are interested in having some locks rekeyed to enjoy the convenience of using one key for a certain number of locks, get in touch with us.

Of course, Etobicoke Locksmith is fully prepared to serve emergency needs as well. And whether your case is time-pressing or not, be certain that the service is performed by a seasoned pro and in the best way. Why choose the second best when you can count on the very best?

Is it urgent to rekey locks in Etobicoke quickly?

Rekey Locks Etobicoke

We quickly send Etobicoke locksmiths to rekey locks, especially if this is an emergency situation for you. What would an emergency be? A stolen key. Or the main key of your house or business, for example, falling in the wrong hands. You see, rekeying locks is mainly all about getting a new key for security reasons. Why shouldn’t you go ahead and have the lock changed, you wonder? Because it will cost you more. If the lock in question is in good shape, there’s no need to change it. Just rekey it.

Experts in rekeying locks at your service

What the locksmiths actually do is change the pins of the lock. When they do that, the original key won’t fit anymore. And so, the pros bring key replacement products and make new keys on the spot. So, if you are worried about a missing or lost key, or if a key is taken from your bag, or an employee left or a spouse walked out on you and you want to be sure of the property’s security, contact us. Tell us you need key change for a lock that can be rekeyed and consider the service nearly done.

Want one key for many locks? Book lock rekey service

The process of the service is similar if you want a master key system. The idea is to have one key for many locks and this is done by having these specific locks rekeyed. Let us assure you of our company’s experience with such services and projects. Whether this is a private home, a big office or firm, or a residential building, master key systems can be set up and expanded too – depending on the system’s design.

Choose our team for the lock rekey service to be sure of the way it’s done, to pay a fair rate, and be certain of the locksmith’s responsiveness. Want to learn more? To request a quote? To book service? Contact us and be sure that the best pros in Etobicoke rekey locks in a timely and expert manner.